Our Approach

There are many fitness centers that will charge a cheap monthly rate tied to a long-term contract. Their model is to sign as many people up, whether or not they ever continue to come to the gym. Members are merely a 12-24 month guaranteed revenue stream. That business model does not align with our core values.

We are facility where people with all sorts of health, fitness, and competition goals come together. Our members become part of a close-knit, welcoming, and supportive gym family. Our vision is to ensure everyone who joins hits their goals…and then we will help them conquer the next one.

Whether someone wants to lose 50, 75, or 100 lbs of body fat, build endurance for a marathon, compete in their first powerlifting meet or bodybuilding competition, or just wants to maintain their fitness level, we provide the staff and facility to make those goals reality. We are a serious training facility with a welcoming environment.

Our Story

Our original location opened in 2016 near the Rockwall Courthouse. It grew into a terrific community of hundreds of members, but the facility itself was fairly small to handle all the equipment, boot camps, group training, and other services. So, it was time to move to a larger facility. Our new facility opened in March 2020 at 1830 Interstate 30 in Rockwall. With 17,000 sq ft and a ton of new equipment, it is one of the best facilities in the county.

Meet the Owners

TJ Clark

Beginning my fitness journey at 13 years old, I was instantly hooked. I began lifting weights to build muscle to play football and absolutely loved it. Now, with more than 25 years experience in the gym I am happy to share my knowledge with others. I love the process and love to help others achieve their goals. Personally I’ve successfully competed as an athlete in football, powerlifting, and bodybuilding. I have been a trainer for 16 years, managed and owned gyms, and coached thousands of clients. Recently I have taken a step back from coaching/training to focus on the big picture of the Legends Fit brand. That being said, I’m more motivated than ever to help people achieve their goals. I do accept a limited amount of serious clients. If you’re looking to get into shape, lose weight, compete in a show or take your fitness to the next level, myself or my team would love to help you achieve. 

Aaron Conner

Aaron is a co-owner and trainer at Legend’s FIT who has a passion for fitness and is an adrenaline junkie. At 48 years old he left corporate life after a 22 year career at defense contractor where he served as a Group Vice President and Chief Information Officer and a Corporate Senior Director in IT and began his career their at the help desk and a Web programmer. Aaron has a bachelor’s degree in Computer Information Systems from Texas A&M – Commerce and grew up in East Texas where he graduated from Cumby High School with 9 people in his class. Aaron is a veteran of the United States Air Force.

Aaron is a Christian and is working to put God first in everything he does and has a passion for his family and friends. He is divorced and has 3 kids 15, 21, and 26. Aaron loves traveling with his kids and just recently returned from an epic 31 hour road trip in the west where they visited Colorado, North and South Dakota, Montana, and Wyoming.

Aaron, TJ, and Chip worked together to create the vision of Legend’s FIT. They wanted a place where people who were serious about transformation could come and achieve their goals no matter what sport it was for or just for themselves. Aaron really loved the idea of helping people transform and saw the results first hand. He knows that is such a life changing journey both health and mentally. He loves the camaraderie of the Legend’s family. He believes that if people set a goal and have the right coach they can achieve anything. Aaron loves helping people lose their guts and transforming themselves. He is a no-joke coach that will help keep you motivated in reaching your goals. If you just want to push around weights and achieve nothing than he would rather you find another coach but if you have a real goal in mind and want to see yourself achieve it he would love to help you get there.

Aaron also practices and has taught mindfulness. He loves teaching people the mind body connection while training and learning to be present in your everyday life. Aaron believes it is the key to really taking yourself to the next level and transforming your life.

Aaron used to run and as everything he does did it with all he had. He was a trail running coach with RunOn and an ultra runner. Aaron has completed multiple four 100 mile trail ultra-marathons, multiple 50 milers, 50ks, and marathons, halfs, etc. He also has a passion for Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. His current passion is bodybuilding and training. Aaron has been coached by TJ Clark for several years and was able to transform from a Dad-bod to a bodybuilder in less than a year. He loves to help people reach their goals and give them the confidence and skill set to do it.

Chip Kelley

Chip has three decades managing IT and software development teams and projects. He is passionate about health and fitness — a certified personal trainer, rec league ice hockey player, and competitive bodybuilder. He was the overall open classic physique champion and over 35 masters bodybuilding champion at the 2019 All South Muscle Championships. He took 3rd in masters classic physique (50+) at the national level 2020 North American Championships.