What is Legends Fit?

We are a serious training facility with a tremendous, welcoming group of members that make up our gym family. We have 17,000 sq ft of space and have the best inventory of equipment, free weights, and cardio equipment. We provide a motivating environment for people serious about their goals.

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What is the mission of Legends Fit?

Nothing motivates the owners and staff like seeing every member hit their health and fitness goals. Our mission is to provide great service and create an environment where people can do that. Our principles are 1) treat everyone like family, 2) be committed to improving ourselves and our members, and 3) be passionate and positive.

We value our members and try to make them feel like at home. Generally, each month, we schedule at least one event for our members to connect:

• workout challenges or fun events (Halloween costume contest, visit with Santa, parents’ night out)

• educational events (seminars on mindset, getting ready for a competition)

• community events (Red Cross blood drives, food and clothing drives, small business networking meeting).

During the February 2021 winter storm, we even offered the gym as place to shower or even sleep to members who had lost power or water.

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You have a lot of powerlifters and bodybuilders who train at Legends Fit. Will I feel intimidated or judged?

Serious doesn’t mean intimidating…we have the best and most supportive gym family around.  People often assume a serious or “hardcore” gym is intimidating…they are actually quite the opposite.  Regardless of goals, anyone training hard at Legends Fit is a welcome addition to our family.

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What hours is Legends Fit open?

Members have 24/7 access to train whenever they want via an access fob. Our front desk and supplement and clothing store is staffed Mondays-Thursdays 6AM-8PM, Fridays 6AM-7PM, and Saturdays 8AM-4PM outside holidays.

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Do you offer discounts on memberships?

We love our first responders, so we have heavily discounted memberships for full time active police, fire, and military. We also have discounted memberships for seniors. We also have a discounted “add-on” membership for members with additional family members living in the same household.

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How long are the membership contracts?

We don’t do contracts. We do offer a one year membership paid up front. Otherwise, the membership renews each month. If you are moving or wanting to cancel your membership, just let us know. Unlike many fitness centers, you are not locked into a long contract and canceling the membership is not an ordeal – we simply have you fill out a form to cancel the enrollment form…that is it to the process.

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What are the club improvement dues?

Like many facilities, once a year, we charge each member with a club improvement fee. We use this to fund buying new equipment for the gym to keep it the best equipped facility in the county.

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Do you have day passes?

Yes, we do have a day pass for those wanting to try out the gym, a member who wants to bring a guest, or for those who may be visiting the area. The guest passes are available during the front desk hours.

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Do you offer personal training?

Yes! We have quite a few personal trainers who coach clients at Legends Fit. Our trainers have wide ranging backgrounds ranging from general health and fitness, rehab, martial arts, to preparing for bodybuilding competitions…in other words, whatever your goal, we have someone who can help you accomplish it. Rates vary from trainer to trainer. Let us know what your goal is, workout time preferences, and we can arrange a consultation to match you up with a trainer.

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Do you offer group training?

Yes! We offer small group training. These are one hour sessions offered several times during the day coached by one of our trainers. You will do a gym workout or a boot camp-type workout led by a trainer with a small group of people. This is a great option for those who like the comradery and encouragement of training with a small group of people. It is also great if looking for coached training at an affordable rate since some of the cost of the trainer essentially becomes split by the group.

We offer a couple of packages for small group training that allow options for adding personal training and nutrition consulting.

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Do you offer child care?

For an additional fee, we do have child care available.  Our child care hours are weekdays 9AM-Noon and 4-7PM, and Saturdays 8:30AM-Noon.

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Do you have Wifi?

Yes, we have free Wifi.

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Do you have showers and lockers?

Yes, we do.

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